Who is better: Barcelona or Real Madrid?

When we talk of football, famous clubs are definitely going to come up in the conversation. One of the cool things about football is that not only will you be able to associate yourself with a club in the Spanish league even when you stay in Africa, but it has a binding potential to your dreams to represent that particular club at one stage of your life. Some of the most famous clubs among the world include the names of Barcelona and Real Madrid. These are clubs that have not only been able to revolutionize football, but has been able to witness the best of particular footballing classics among them, derbies that have gone to the wire and astounded people from all across the world.

When we talk about sheer numbers, real Madrid and Barcelona have both been able to gather our loyal fan following from various corners of the globe. When we talk about success, real Madrid has been able to win 32 La Ligas, when you compare them to 22 that have been won by Barcelona. However, with over 19 Copa del Rey won by real Madrid in comparison to 26 won by Barcelona, you realize that there are sheer numbers that go for and against both the clubs.

When it comes to the style of play, Barcelona has been able to maintain a very possession-based football, and has been able to build upon their success on the particular platform. Everybody knows that the Catalans have been able to work their way into footballing legends by simply working on the principle of possession football. To add to it, most of the players happen to be groomed on the youth clubs of Barcelona, and therefore it is a gradual progression for them to imbibe the same principles that they have learnt in the youth clubs to the main Barcelona club.

On the other hand, real Madrid it has been able to make a steady the reputation of purchasing talents rather than making them in their own club. That ensures that there is always a melting pot of cultural integrity as well as new players coming into their style of playing each and every day. This brings to the point that real Madrid do not have a particular style of play, and it has always been dependent upon the manager that is at the helm of all affairs in the club.

When it comes to competitive games, real Madrid has been able to win over Barcelona 92 in comparison to 89 won by Barcelona. However, there are also a lot of games that has ended in a draw. When it comes to attacking football, it is always a delight to watch real Madrid. However, if you want to understand the delight of possession football, where set pieces rule the game with precision passing of the football, then Barcelona is the team for you to root for. Therefore, depending upon the style of play that you want to see, root for a football team that can give that to you.